"Those schools are here."

Translation:Sekolah-sekolah itu ada di sini.

December 26, 2018

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Do you need ada? Can't you just say sekolah-sekolah itu di sini? What's the purpose of ada here?


the most basic indonesian language structure is usually formed of subject+predicate (or at least that's what i learned in school), predicate here can be 'to be' words, verbs, or definition like 'adalah', it gives information about the subject. "sekolah-sekolah itu di sini" is missing the predicate, it can be translated as "those schools here" you are missing 'are', "ada" functions as 'are' signifies location 'to be located' or something like that.


Can you say "sekolah-sekolah itu adalah di sini" whats the difference between ada and adalah


"adalah" defines something, it must be followed by a description or definition of the subject while ada means "to exist" or in this case "to be located".


Why can't I put just "sekolah"? It doesn't differentiate plural or singular as we have learnt


i dont take the indonesian course, so i dont know what they taught you, but in indonesian we sometimes use repetition to mention plural forms, for example rumah-rumah (houses) sekolah-sekolah (schools) bukit-bukit (hills). (there are other forms of plural nouns but that's it for now)

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