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  5. "E huli i kai."

"E huli i kai."

Translation:Turn towards the sea.

December 26, 2018



A couple of writers I know explained to me that certain prepositions such as toward with and without "s" mean the same thing and are grammatically the same, but the -s is favored in British English, and no s in American English. That is the only difference. Toward should be acceptable. This one has no Report button.


I think "Turn toward the sea" isn't necessarily "You used the wrong word." No real difference in my English. Next time I tried "Turn to the sea," got "You are correct," with "... towards ..." as "Another possible answer." :-)


The person who entered it may just always say "towards" and entering a variation without the "s" just didn't occur to them. Did you report it as "my answer should have been accepted"?


Why isn't it ma kai?? Never heard anyone say i kai

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