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Getting perfect strength for words I haven't even learnt?

I finished a lesson and it said that I had a perfect rating on all of the words, even though I got some things wrong, and also it gave me a perfect rating for words I never learnt.

April 5, 2013



I was at first excited by the changes but now am dismayed. I agree. I am not learning the words enough and still getting gold cups. Yes am an adult and will keep practicing but . . . please Duolingo don't tell me I have mastered something when I definitely have not. Very disappointed. I felt much more challenged before.


I like the concept of weakening skills more than the previous path of "lessons → learned skill → practice/translation → mastered skill". The previous concept was focused on amount of work while the current one adresses regularity of repetition.

I think the first issue of the new system is just lack of information. Of course words that I've just learned can not be considered as mastered. However, if I think of full golden bars as an indicator of strength level for now, it makes perfect sense. If I've just used a new word, I most likely still remember it well by the end of the lesson, right? So it is fine that it gets "perfect" status and full golden bars. If this is the intention of Duolingo developers, they should really let us know about that from the first time to avoid so many similar questions.

However, the second issue I notice is more serious. Spaced repetition is very effective but it should be properly organized, that is, we should get to review the newly learned stuff very soon. New words should weaken in a matter of hours, then, if the user still remembers them and does not make mistakes, this period of "weakening" should increase. It should also decrease with mistakes. I have not had enough time to thoroughly test the system, but my first impression is that new words stay "perfect" for too long.

I'll be happy if the developers leave this system but tune it to be more effective and reliable.


I have noticed this too. I don't feel that I really know all of these words. maybe a couple because they're easy but most of them are nowhere near getting into long term memory.


I've only been with this system 2 weeks. I've noticed changes but I'm not sure how the system used to work, nor have I become accustomed to one setup. I believe that I read that they are using an SRS set up. If that's true, we initially get all gold because we have been introduced to the word in our short term memory. It will have a high probability of showing up in the next lesson. If you keep getting it right, it will remain golden and come up less than the words you get wrong. If enough in a topic drop in score, you lose the golden status. Bottom line, getting a word right decreases it showing up, getting it wrong increases it showing up, time increases it showing up. I think we should keep going to determine whether or not they have a good adaptive algorithm in place.

Sorry for the length.


Actually their rating works that one star means it's in short term, to four stars being its in long term, so we shouldn't be getting 4 stars/golden in one go. (Unless they changed the rating with the new system, but the one I had a few days ago I saw that explination somewhere.)


Yes, I checked myself wondering the same thing and they have changed the rating system to weak, medium, strong, and perfect.


I've been having this problem as well!


I also agree. Duolingo please make us work harder!!!


I feel exactly the same - I spent an hour going through one section yesterday and was given a perfect gold cup. Now the reality is that it normally takes me a couple of days to actually get the hang of it and maybe a week or more before I could take the test and achieve that gold cup. I feel like I have somehow cheated with this new system and it really cuts down on my feeling of achievement.


I feel a mix of the two learning methods would be ideal. Keep the 3 heart system so that we can be happy that we have practiced enough on a particular exercise, but use the new system so that the gold bars go down if we don't practice the words we learned a while ago?

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