I was having some trouble with when to use different forms of verbs, but then I found a pattern.

The -en ending (horen, koken): I think it is used for plural you or they, like "They are cooking" or "You are hearing."

The -t ending (hoort, kookt): I think it is used for singular you or they, or we, like "You cook" or "We hear."

The "natural" ending (hoor, kook): I think it is used for I, like "I cook" or "I hear."

I hope this is helpful if you're struggling with that too!

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Very close! Here is a quick chart of the verb conjugations for cook:

I cook: Ik kook

You/he/she/it cooks: Je/hij/ze/het kookt

You(plural)/they/we cook: Jullie/ze/we koken

For a full chart and more explanation check out these Tips and Notes:

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In addition to the good comment of F1shlegs:

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