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  5. "If you want it, buy it."

"If you want it, buy it."

Translation:DaneHchugh yIje'.

December 27, 2018



This might be about a candy bar. So I don't think that the imperative {case?} is imperative. I put, "Daje'", and was marked wrong.


imperative {case?}


I put, "Daje'", and was marked wrong.

Daje' is "you buy it" (statement -- includes the pronoun).

This sentence has "buy it" (command -- without pronoun), which is yIje'.


So I guess that this is what a mom might tell a kid with a nickel in his pocket. But it is not a "buy or else" type command. I'm just trying to clarify my thoughts.


Yeah, the linguistic terminology is not ideal. Imperative mood is never, per se, an ultimatum (an "or else" command). Context may make it so, but just using the imperative prefix does not make it so. It's just a way to mark the verb as an instruction rather than a description. I would much prefer the linguistic term be "Instructional mood", but I'm fighting against a large number of people following long standing tradition.

On an additional note, Klingon does not tend to use imperatives for ultimatums. For instance, a demand for surrender would be worded as bIjeghbe'chugh vaj bIHegh and a shopkeeper might say bIje'be'chugh vaj bIHegh.


"Please come in!" is a command, and uses the imperative mood, even though it's not an "or else" type command; that's not the only type of command there is.


I'm glad I caught that.

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