"De zware storm komt uit het noorden."

Translation:The heavy storm is coming from the north.

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You don't say " The heavy storm in English" but you can say the strong, big or violent storm or the storm with heavy winds.

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Here on Lofoten we do have quite some storms. Which made me wonder about the comparisson.

UK Metoffice;
Netherlands KNMI;
Norway Yr

Bft Descriptions Omschrijvingen Beskrivelser M / s
0 Calm Stil Stille 0,0-0,2
1 Light air Zwak Flau vind 0,3-1,5
2 Light breeze Zwak Svak vind 1,6-3,3
3 Gentle breeze Matig Lett bris 3,4-5,4
4 Moderate breeze Matig Laber bris 5,5-7,9
5 Fresh breeze Vrij krachtig Frisk bris 8,0-10,7
6 Strong breeze Krachtig Liten kuling 10,8-13,8
7 Near gale Hard Stiv kuling 13,9-17,1
8 Gale Stormachtig Sterk kuling 17,2-20,7
9 Strong gale Storm Liten storm 20,8-24,4
10 Storm Zware storm Full storm 24,5-28,4
11 Violent storm Zeer zware storm Sterk storm 28,5-32,6
12 Hurricane Orkaan Orkan 32,6 - ....

The reason the Dutch talk about weight, is because the Beaufort scale is based on measuring in Kilograms of wind pressure upon a square metre of sail.

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I am a native UK English speaker of several decades experience and can confirm that "heavy" is a very common way to describe a storm.

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It is used in Rocky Horror Picture Show ! https://mbe.io/2EUxbkQ

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I'm a native US English speaker and can confirm that I have heard US newscasters use "heavy" to describe a storm, as well. Heavy winds, heavy rain. I think they would describe most hurricanes as "strong", but a heavy hurricane would not sound all that foreign either.

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Perhaps not where you are from, but Google gives a few million results for the phrase.

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