"Keoki cleans at 1:30 midday."

Translation:Hoʻomaʻemaʻe ʻo Keoki i ka hapalua hola ʻekahi o ke awakea.

December 27, 2018

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Think of the ʻokina as another letter which it is considered by Hawaiian speakers It is very important and can completely change the meaning of similarly spelt words as is the kahako


This doesn't make sense in English. Midday is 12 noon, so 1:30 midday doesn't mean anything. It should by 1:30pm


Oh, how I love being pressured to take a progress test on terms that haven't even been presented to me yet. It does wonders to build confidence that I am learning something here. Time to bail out of this mistake.


Without comment on whether it's a good procedure or not, I can at least advise you that those tests are not intended as tests of how well you have learned the preceding material, but a test of how well you are doing overall. They are also testing you on the material you are about to learn so they can compare your scores before and after the unit and see if they really are helping you progress. Unfortunately, if you don't realize that they are intentionally testing you on stuff you haven't seen yet so they can compare your scores, it can be a bit demoralizing. If you decide to continue, maybe that can help you feel a little better about how you do on those "tests".


Mahalo E koʻu hoa.

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