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  5. "Juma ni jina la Mtanzania."

"Juma ni jina la Mtanzania."

Translation:Juma is a Tanzanian name.

December 27, 2018



Where is the audio?


I wanted to say "Juma is a Tanzanian name." Are they the same?


Your translation is correct. I am doubtful of the translation in the app


2019 May, it accepts "a" if you are web and type it in. Otherwise "a" is not given as a world block to use.


That translation does not sound correct. Shouldn't it be 'Juma is a Tanzanian name'?


I just typed that, and it was accepted.


Would "Juma is a name of Tanzania" be too far off?


I would think so. I'd interpret that as Juma is an alternative name for the country Tanzania


Seriosly there is no sound. It does the same thing with Hawaiian. Whats going on?


Sound in Duolingo is normally computer-generated. But Hawaiian and Swahili probably don't have very good/popular text-to-speech software, so they are being recorded by humans. Only some sentences have recordings.


Exactly. It's the same thing with the Irish course. And every so often, whoever attaches sound files to words/phrases will attach the wrong one, which is why you will sometimes get a sound file that sounds nothing like the written version. If you come across one of those, report it, using the "report" button.


If using word bank, there is no block with "a", only the. Same missing if on web or in mobile. Otherwise it does not accept "the". On web, I had to use keyboard to complete sentence correctly. Reported as broken. May14, 2019.


Both 'a' and 'the' are accepted, and included in the word bank under 'Mtanzania'


Why la, not wa or za?


All three (la, wa and za) express possession (like "of" in English). The choice depends on the noun before it - which class it belongs to and whether it is singular or plural. For example, jina is class V, singular and nouns in this class take LA. The plural of jina is majina (names) - which makes it class VI and the possessive for class six is YA. So: jina la mkenya (name of a kenyan) but majina ya wakenya (names of Kenyans)

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