highlighting the just finished lesson


I have trouble remembering which lessson I just finished. What I mean is after I had completed one set of lessons (e.g. Adject 1.) and decide to do it all over again just for practice, nothing indicates which "sub-lesson" within the Adject 1. lesson I was doing. Is it possible to highlight the just finished 20 question lesson?

I hope at least someone gets what I was trying to say. :DDD

April 5, 2013


There is currently no such option. I used to watch the hearts on the lessons and now I use the word strength bars: the lessons that I have practiced have full bars while the next don't.

You can also just "Practice weakest words" from the entire unit of lessons.

April 5, 2013

So what you're looking for is a way to track what lesson you've practiced when you click on a skill. I understand that :) Thanks for the suggestion. I'll bring it back to the team.

April 5, 2013
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