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  5. "E inu kāua i ka pia."

"E inu kāua i ka pia."

Translation:Let's drink beer, you and I.

December 27, 2018



When do you say "let's" or "you and I" for "kaua"?

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when it's a command (preceded by "e" and an action word-- to distinguish it from "e" before a name, which indicates you are speaking to that person), it's more of a "let's" -- "let us" (you and I) do...

If you said Ua hele kaua I ke kula, that would be "we (you and I) went to the school" (and forgive my lack of kahako on Kaua and kahako!)


I used "you and I" for kāua and got it wrong. Why, when kāua means "you and I" ? It's confusing..


Must have been fixed, because that's the right answer now! ;)

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