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"Julia goes to study every day."

Translation:जूलिया हर दिन पढ़ने जाती है।

December 28, 2018



I can't figure out why this is पड़ने and not पड़ना


It is in the oblique case because there is an implicit postposition between पढ़ने and जाती, corresponding to the preposition 'to' in the English sentence. In the oblique case, पढ़ना becomes पढ़ने.

The postposition is necessary (though not expressed) because जाना is an intransitive verb and cannot take a direct object.

Note: 'पढ़ना' with the 'ढ़' is the verb 'to read/study'. 'पड़ना' with a 'ड़' is the verb 'to lie'.


Is this sentence considered past tense?


No. It's the simple present tense.

The past tense would be जूलिया हर दिन पढ़ने जाती थी - Julia used to go to study every day.


Is it wrong with हर दिन after पढ़ना?


I also want to know why 'every day' cannot go after 'to study'?


I guess because in hindi usually time markers come at the beginning of the sentence and verbs at the end...

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