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Coursera course: Fundamentos de la escritura en espanol

Hola! I found a course through the Coursera website that has seemed really helpful so far. It's on the third of six weeks, but there isn't tons of material, and you have until June 10th to complete all the activities. (For example, I finished weeks 1 and 2 in under two hours total.)

The first two weeks are about using accents, which I've found really helpful even though the lessons are designed for native speakers. (For example, now that I know the rules about when to use accents, I'm more informed about how to correctly pronounce a Spanish word I encounter for the first time). I'd say it's good for intermediate Spanish learners because, while it's a course for fluent speakers, the videos are in short enough chunks (ie under 5 minutes) to capture the main ideas what's happening without getting listening fatigue, plus there are written versions of the info if you're a better reader than listener. Plus it's cool to have a more natural Spanish experience, since the course is not designed for learners. So maybe not a good fit if you're just starting out with Spanish, but definitely accessible for anyone who's got the basics down!


May 15, 2014



I've taken a course through Coursera - not a language course, one related to my work - and it was excellent! I'm glad you're finding this one good also. I had thought about taking a course in Spanish, too. Just a "for fun" course; they had one on Egyptology recently that looked good but my schedule couldn't handle it at the time. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

May 16, 2014


Oooo, thanks for pointing this out. I think I'll join.


Thanks for pointing this out! Please accept a lingot. There are courses in other languages as well--French, Chinese, Russian, and more. The LaTeX course in Russian looks pretty good. (Maybe if it's offered again I'd be ready for it, as the videos have written-out texts. But probably not, as there's written homework in Russian. But maybe someday . . . )

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