"Sepupuku membawa dua panci dari rumahku. Tidakkah itu mengejutkan?"

Translation:My cousin takes two pans from my house. Isn't it surprising?

December 28, 2018

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My first time seeing Tidakkah. Very useful.


I thought membawa = bring, mengambil = take? are they interchangeable?


I also had the same question. According to a native speaker, "membawa" involves a physical movement. https://hinative.com/questions/17693314

So, you can use "membawa" as "to bring", "to carry", "to transport", "to fetch" and "to take along" (all of them are from my dictionaries).

Meanwhile "mengambil" can be used in a wider context, according to KBBI. To take a leave of absence, to pick up my kid at school, to quote a phrase from a dictionary, to subtract (as doing math), to seize other's possession, to take a photo etc. Those actions don't involve physical movements.

Re: the original sentence, I guess "Sepupuku membawa dua panci dari rumahku" implies that my cousin borrowed two pans from me and he is now using them in his house. Translating "membawa" as "to take along" probably works for English speakers. "Membawa" in this sentence doesn't mean that the two pans became my cousin's possessions.

If you replace "membawa" with "mengambil", it might suggest that my cousin stole (seized) two pans.


My cat drinks all my wine. Am I crazy?


No, you are not crazy, but I think your cat is drunk.


Im guessing this isn't sarcastic?

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