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  5. "bIQDaj tlhutlhbe' vIghro'lIjā€¦

"bIQDaj tlhutlhbe' vIghro'lIj rop."

Translation:Your sick cat did not drink its water.

December 28, 2018



Isn't -Daj gender neutral, and able to be translated as its/his/hers? Could the cat not be referred to with 'his' or her'? Only 'its' was accepted.



Thanks for linking the screen cap. In Klingon, a cat would definitely be 'oH and not ghaH, so when entering the sentences we tend to get into that mindset. However, in English we do sometimes refer to animals based on their sexual gender. So I supposed the English should also accept his/her and I have added those in as accepted translations.


Thanks for the quick reply! That's what tripped me up - 'oH and ghaH are discrete, but there's no other variant of -Daj, so I didn't know if there was a rule about its use here. Your answer makes total sense!


I have to admit that from time to time I even have to stop and think because it feels like I'm missing a possessive suffix or two.

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