Sound (mic, Duolingo speaking) cuts out in Dutch

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I have read a number of posts about sound problems, so following their suggestions I am using Chrome, and I have made sure my mic is enabled both on Duolingo and on my desktop (I'm on an IMac). But the sound continues to be spotty. Sometimes Duolingo can hear me and sometimes it can't. Today I just clicked "can't speak now" because it got so bad. Sometimes I can hear Duolingo and sometimes it cuts out halfway through a sentence.

Before you tell me to check my equipment, I have zero problem with this anywhere else - not when I was using Rosetta Stone, not anywhere else.

1 month ago

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Had the same issue and did the same reading. Since I'm not too happy with voice recognition for online storage either, I decided to skip the speech exercises all together. I'm now using the Vivaldi browser. Speech exercises simply do not show up here and are replaced by an equal number of standard exercises. The sound of the pronunciation of the exercises is good in Vivaldi.

1 month ago
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It happens to me sometimes, I thought it was for my wifi ... but the next day it works well =P

1 month ago
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