"Dia memotong bayam sementara saya menggoreng tempe."

Translation:She is chopping the spinach while I am frying the tempe.

December 28, 2018

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I said "She cuts spinach while I fry tempe " that should be accepted


The English translation, does not need the definite article "the" to be a correct translation


"She slices spinach while I fry tempe" I can't spot the error here. Any guidance?


The word "tempe" come from Indonesian word "tempe", it means fermented soybeans. So in English, using either "tempe" or "tempeh" will be accepted.


I wrote she chopped the spinach while I fried the tempe. According to me, that should be accepted. Am I wrong?


do me- verbs always stay in the present tense? Can it be written as past tense as well?


Yup. Kemarin, dia memotong ayam. Hari ini dia memotong sayur.


My understanding is that Bahasa Indonesia doesn't really have verb tenses.

You would either infer time frames from the context of the conversation (e.g., if someone is talking about di bulan April and it's currently March, they're probably talking about the near future), or use adverbs (e.g. sekarang "currently", ) or phrases (di masa depan "in the future") to mark the time.

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