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Creating a classroom for Norwegian speakers or a multicultural classroom.

Dear Duolingo team,

I am currently testing out the features on this website in order to gauge if it's plausible for me to use this with my own students. I immediately ran into a problem and hope someone can assist me with it.

Problem: I can't register the first language of my pupils. For reference, my pupils are learning English and their mother tongue is (mostly) Norwegian.

I saw a post somewhere with instructions on how to change the first language of the pupils to "no language in particular", which would be brilliant as it removes the stigmatisation for pupils with immigrant backgrounds. However, this option doesn't exist on my page. Nor does Norwegian. A decent workaround would be setting English as their first language, as it is the target language. But this does not exist either.

This lack of proper choices of first language on your website is bound to scare away many potential users. I hope you have a look at it and fix it presently.

All the best, A Norwegian teacher

December 28, 2018



Duolingo does not have a course "English for Norwegian speakers"


But they should have a course "English for English speakers". That's what I'm really asking for here, as it could be used by a much broader range of people. A persons first language makes little difference in language learning when the basics are present.


Thanks for replying again. It's nice to see that they are working on this. One note about the advice given there, though. As I mentioned in the original post: "No specific language" is not an option for me. If it had, this wouldn't be an issue.


Please, tell this Duolingo's staff (teachers@duolingo.com).
I am just a Duolingo user like you are.


I appriciate you taking the time to comment on my post, fellow Duolingo user. I was hoping someone from the staff would see this post, but I will send a mail as well :)

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