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  5. "Where is she from?"

"Where is she from?"

Translation:No hea ʻo ia?

December 28, 2018



Should be: No hea mai ʻo ia? Thatʻs how people ask!


that's what I'm being taught in a class (no hea mai...). Are both correct and/or when would you use one or the other?


Both are grammatically correct! "No hea ʻoe?" is a little simpler. We don't want to throw too many parts at haumāna at once, since many folks learning may not be familiar with them, but "No hea mai ʻoe?" is very commonly heard and is accepted as a correct answer. The word "mai" is a directional word that gives the sense of "toward the speaker" and can sometimes be difficult to translate into English.


what does "hea" stand for?


It means "where" in this context. "No" is a proposition which seems to mean a wide variety of things, but as far as I can tell its general function is to relate one thing to another... so maybe a hawaiian English way to phrase it is "From where (subject) you?"


Preposition** shame the can't be edited.


How does "Aia i hea" differ from "No hea 'o ia"? The first was the only thing listed in the hints.


No hea (mai) refers to where someone is from, whereas Aia i hea refers to the exact/current whereabouts of someone or something.


I said "hea 'o ia" and it was wrong, why is that?


You forgot the word "No" at the beginning. :)

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