"The skinny boy shouts there at the woman."

Translation:A sovány fiú odakiabál a nőhöz.

December 28, 2018



"A vékony fiú odakiabál a nőhöz." should be accepted. Or if not, why?

December 28, 2018


That is correct as well :-)

December 29, 2018


For me, odakiabál + valakinek (dativus). So I would say "odakiabál a nőnek".

January 7, 2019


We have to distinguish between "shout at somebody" and "shout to somebody" (see also http://speakspeak.com/grammar-articles/shout-at-shout-to-difference).
When we shout at someone, we are usually angry with the person that we are shouting at.
On the other hand, when we shout to someone, we want them to hear us either because they are far away or there is a loud noise.

Now, the sentence "A sovány fiú odakiabál a nőhöz" means "The skinny boy shouts to the woman", which is not the same as "The skinny boy shouts there at the woman."

So I think the correct Hungarian translation would be something like "A sovány fiú ott kiabál a nővel."

January 20, 2019
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