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Hawaiian Beta Sound Problem

There is no sound in the Hawaiian Beta. You don't hear anything when working a lesson.

December 28, 2018



Please keep in mind that it only had a couple months in the Incubator, it's in Beta, and is still relatively new (October 8~14th-ish). Navajo also has no audio, and was in the Incubator for a shorter amount of time.

All we can do is wait for the audio to be added. We waited for Swahili; we can wait for Hawaiian.


Sometimes there is sound, but not always.


Many of the sentences do have sound, but they are still adding audio while also expanding the course. Even though you may still run into sentences that are lacking audio, they are already working on it and with time more will appear.


I have gone up to "Time" in Hawaiian and have sound just about all the way through. You might try changing browsers. I had a problem where it kept saying that 'ehia was incorrect. I changed browser to Chrome and it worked OK.


I'm using my cell phone and Chrome. This was on the introductory words and none of them were said on my system


I am willing to wait. I am just thrilled that they will offer Hawaiian. It is a very special language and I have wanted to learn it.


I have used it on my cell phone without any problems. Keep trying, it might come up. If your cell phone has another browser, give that a try. Or download another browser. Also try on a computer or tablet.

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