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Progress state is not saved when using 3G on iPhone


When I'm using Duolingo on the iPhone and WiFi is out of reach, I use the 3G connection. Unfortunately, in this case Duolingo doesn't save my progress state and the lesson is not marked as Learned (and therefore, no new lessons are available). So I keep learning the same lesson over and over. It has happened many times already, and as soon as I switch to WiFi everything works fine.

Is there anything that can be done to fix that?


P.S. I am using the latest version of Duolingo on iPhone 4s with iOS 5.1.1 installed.

April 5, 2013



Thanks for all the details! We're taking a look.


I am having the same problem working on my Dell desktop at work. I have done the Spanish level 1 test three time and no progress saves. I did the level 1 lesson in german and same thing there.


Hi! I really love the iphone duolingo, but it does work well only when on WiFi. In Europe it's just impossible to stay WiFi connected all the time. The only fare 24/7 connection is 3G! Repeating that being in love with such an easy-to-go soft, I send to you guys the rays of hate and madness!!! Travelling around Europe with 3G connected I tried to complete any possible level, but at the time of last question verification, the prog freezes for about 20 secs and then, after announcing my success, it does not save any progress. So i had to repeat all the sections and recieved congrats from owl, and then nothing. Son of a mother! Please fix it, because the idea and interface are lovely, learning progress is just amazing, but this 3G problem is just killing me! Ready to help you in details, Cheers, Zheka, Italia.


Exact same here: love the app but I have the same symptoms so can't use it on the road..


It was better for some time, but not the problem is back! Just today I passed the same lesson for two times, but it didn't save my progress! The symptoms are the following. The lesson passing process is totally normal, after the last passed exercise there is a pause with the button "Grading" in grey and unavailable. Then after a couple of minutes the program congratulates me with successfully passing the lesson and forwards me to the next one. The problem that it is still locked! And the lesson I just passed is not marked as passed. Happened yesterday and happened today twice. It's really discouraging...


Hi, I still experience quite often the same problem on my iPad when repeating a Spanish lecture: the owl congratulates me, that i have passed (even with some hearts left), but then the lesson is not marked in the grey bar. So, very often I repeat lessons without being credited. Would be wonderful to have this fixed. Thank you!

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