Preferred learning methods opinion poll

Hello people! Hope you year is ending well! :)

I'm conducting a little survey on people's preferred method of learning a new language, specifically learning Swahili as an English speaker. What do you think is more effective for you, immersive learning where all instruction is in Swahili, or having all instructions/descriptions explained in English? I took German years ago, and from day 1 my teacher never spoke nor did he allow us to speak English or Swahili during class, and I found that I learnt sentence structure and vocabulary far quicker this way. Would that method work for you? Or would you rather have someone explain everything in English and teach you specific Swahili words and phrases?

TL; DR - do you prefer learning Swahili in Swahili, or is it easier to understand when all the explanations are in English? Please respond in the poll, link below :)

1 month ago


i like the explanations in English

6 days ago
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