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Caminhar vs. andar

In the exercises, both words seem to be used interchangeably for "walk." Is there a preference in Brazilian or European Portuguese for one over the other, or situations where one would better to use?

December 29, 2018



In Portuguese is like angus390025 said (about Spanish).

Usually "caminhar" has a physical meaning (distance). "Andar" has a lot of meanings, including "caminhar". Try reading the 2 definitions below.

http://www.aulete.com.br/caminhar http://www.aulete.com.br/andar

December 29, 2018



December 30, 2018


haha. That's a good question. In Spanish, the words caminar and andar are both used for "to walk." I never thought too much about whether the subtle differences matter, but I guess the same question could be asked about Portuguese. I do know that in Spanish "andar" has many other uses. Andar triste = to be sad. Andar en bicicleta = go for a bicycle ride. Andar por los cuarenta = to be around 40 years old, or in ones 40s. Maybe it's the same in Portuguese?

I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you. Just musings. :)

boa sorte

December 29, 2018


almost!! except "andar por los cuarenta". we say " eu ando triste, doente, preocupado,etc... " ...or "ela anda de carro, moto, bicicleta, etc..."

December 30, 2018
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