"E piʻi i luna."

Translation:Climb up.

December 29, 2018



"Climb" in English is the same as "climb up"

December 29, 2018


Yes, but you can also "climb down" so without context, the preposition is important

January 7, 2019


I see your point, but can you make that argument in other than English? Climbing implies upward movement, for example, climbing the ladder of success. For most, the expression does not imply "failure." I feel that "climb up" is literal, while "climb down" is an oxymoron. The opposite of "climb up" is "come down."

January 23, 2019


Prepositions are arguably the most difficult part of learning a new language. It doesn't matter if climb and climb up convey the same meaning in English. What does matter is learning how to say up, down, inside, outside, and so on in the object language.

December 31, 2018


Climb on and climb on top are the same. Can you climb on something without being on top? Or is it "climb on the hill, but never reach the top?"

January 14, 2019


You could climb on a bus but not be on top of it

March 19, 2019


Do you mean climb into a bus? When I board a bus, I do not climb on it.

May 3, 2019
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