"What time does the teacher go to school?"

Translation:Hele ke kumu i ke kula i ka hola ʻehia?

December 29, 2018

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Why not "Hola 'ehia hele ke kumu i ke kula?"?


"Hola 'ehia hele ke kumu i ke kula?"

is now accepted. Thank you for asking this question. It prompted me to try it.


Does "hola `ehia" appear in the front of a sentence when it is an equational sentence, but otherwise appears at the end of the sentence?

[deactivated user]

    Aloha BarbaraLea, I have been wondering about best ways to use "hola ʻehia," too. This is as far as Iʻve gotten (so I welcome corrections with clarifications from any and all): Starting with Equational sentences, they seem not to contain any verbs but imply is/am/are~this is that. One of DLʻs examples is "Hola ʻehia ka papa hoʻoikaika kino?/What time is the exercise class? But then, "hola ʻehia" comes at the end whenever there is an identifiable verb, as in this one (Hele ke kumu...) Thatʻs the pattern, at least with these simple sentences. Your observation seems correct.

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