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"Ich bezahle die technischen Bücher."

Translation:I am paying for the technical books.

April 5, 2013



I noticed there is no word for "for" in this sentence. Does "bezahlen" translate to "to pay for," or is it just "to pay"? And if it's the latter, why do we not need an additional word for "for" here?


zahlen is to pay. bezahlen is to pay for. at least thats the way i understand it


Zahlen, I believe, is actually to count, not to pay. I could be used in the context of counting out money, but should not be used in the place of bezahlen.


You are incorrect. Zählen is to count (note the umlaut).


Why do you accept "I pay the technical books"? It is nonsense, and the only translation that should be accepted as correct is "I pay for the technaical books".


I will pay for the books should also be accepted, I think.


will pay is a different tense. This sentence is written in the present, will pay is in the future.


I am buying the technical books.


Buying would be: Ich kaufe . . . Very different. You might tell a friend that you are buying the technical books, but saying that you are paying for them is quite different.


Enough, I am getting furious. For what reason I have to add -n, when it is plural and plural is the same like feminine with -e. -en is only for masculine singular form. It is written in two grammar books I read, so where is the mistake?


That's only for the definite article. Here, you are declining adjectives and the rules are different. For plural adjectives in nominative and accusative cases, the articles still take -e, but the plural adjective takes -n or -en.

http://german.about.com/library/weekly/aa033098.htm http://german.about.com/library/weekly/aa030298.htm

And calm down!


Thank you so much for this reference! =)


It doesn't accept "technology books." I only avoided the other answer because to me it sounds like what I'm buying are, technically, books.


ok thank u @ Matthew

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