How can I get my streak restored?

Oh please, oh please, oh please can I get my streak restored? I had done one Duo lesson the day before yesterday and then later forgot that I needed to go back and do at least two more.

I am a paying subscriber and I do get one streak restore per month, but I already used it this month :(

I will be better in the future :) I do feel like my motiviation to go on is much higher when I have a streak to maintain

December 29, 2018


  • lost and recovered a 232 days streak 4 days ago

"it could have been a 236+ days streak by now".

You already got it back.
"Duolingo Plus" offers its member one free "streak repair" per month.

  • Daily Goal: 30 XP

You may want to overthink to go with this high goal where you can easily lose your streak over and over again (e.g sync errors, Internet outage, error with the Duolingo online server, lesson freezes 10-15 seconds before 00:00am,... the list is endlessly!).

Personally I think Basic 1XP is the best (and I use that), followed by 10XP (e.g if you use the web + mobile app in mixed mode).

December 30, 2018

I can't do that kind of streak repair because I already did it one time this month :(

December 29, 2018

If you don't receive a solution in the troubleshooting forum, then ask Duolingo's staff via the "email support for Plus users" in your account

December 29, 2018

Thank you pentane. I did that and they restored my streak. Phew! I will be more careful in the future.

By the way, congratulations on your 916 and counting streak!

December 29, 2018

why even need to repair? make sure you’re equipped with streak freeze beforehand.

December 30, 2018
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