"Saya minum anggur."

Translation:I drink wine.

December 29, 2018

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Is it common or unusual for Indonesians to drink wine?


it is unusual. because we mostly are muslims and wine mostly are alcoholic, so it is culturally unusual. alcoholic drinks are forbidden for muslims. however, there is no restriction from the government about the wine itself. selling wine is fine, you can easily find and buy various bottles of wine in convenient stores. but it is advised to drink it at home, not in public, not even in parties. nevertheless, under certain circumstances, some regions may vary. for example in bali, especially at tourism areas, you drink wine like it is water.


From Wiktionary:

From Malay anggur, from Classical Malay anggur, from Persian انگور‎ (angur), from Middle Persian ʾngwl (angūr, “grape”).


This gets more confusing when duolingo uses the scarf wearing girl for this sentence.

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