"The fork and the spoon"

Translation:Ke ʻō a me ke puna

December 29, 2018



Per DL, spoon/puna takes "ke" (dictionary verifies this) but here itʻs "ka". (Ka puna is spring of water). Edit: Duo is now using ke for puna. 3/3/19

December 29, 2018


By Wehewehe.org, "ke puna" is the correct use of the article. The word for fork, ‘ō begins with an okina, not an "o." The proper article for this word is "ka," as in "ka ‘ō." I believe DL got this one reversed, which is unfortunate. Imagine trying to learn English with the sentence "a egg and an bird." I wrote "Ke puna a me ka ‘ō" and was marked incorrect.

January 8, 2019


Thank you for the information posted.

January 14, 2019
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