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"Aia ka pāka ma ka ʻaoʻao hema o ka hale."

Translation:The park is on the south side of the house.

December 29, 2018



I think it interesting that direction is referenced to facing west. Left side is south. Right side is north.


Yeah I guess that must be it... Thanks.


Both "left side" and "south side" are considered correct (which i agree with). How do you know which of the two is being referred to as those might be different directions depending on from where you look at the house/how the house is built


I used “building” instead of “house” and got it wrong. But both words are correct


Then report it!


10 months ahead of you bud lmao


Why is ma ka used for south and north side of the house, but i (with no ka) is used for in the middle of the houses? I was thinking ma was for location and i was for movement. Is middle thought of in a way that denotes movement instead of location?

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