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  5. "It is worse for him."


"It is worse for him."

April 5, 2013



I wrote "Es mas mal para él" because i blacked out a little bit and understood that when something is better or worse you use the word mal. And in this case i guess this sounds something like "It's more bad for him" Is it wrong or is "worse" just lucky enough to have it's own word?


Worse and better have their own words :) Peor and mejor (also can mean worst and best).

Menor and mayor are similar, and mean "younger" and "older" when referring to people, e.g. mi hermana mayor, my big sister.


The short explaination I got for "para" and "por" was that por is for a reason and para is for a purpose... So following those rules it would be por, would it not? I got it wrong, so I must be missing something here.


I used por here too.


I have given up on "para" and "por" fpr the moment. "para" seems to be used more often, so I nearly always put that. It's working pretty well. I will have a good go at this confusing pair at some point, when I get irritated enough!

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