Downloading language lessons to use offline

I have subscribed to duolingo plus, and it was suggested to me on the mobile app to download the language lessons to be able to use the app offline. I could not, however, find how to do that n the laptop. I am thinking this might help with the slowness of the program, which is quite frequent and annoying. Is that possible?

December 30, 2018


If you don't receive a solution in the troubleshooting forum, then ask Duolingo's staff via the "email support for Plus users" in your account

December 30, 2018

Thank you very much @pentaan for this info. I did not know how to contact duolingo staff about this type of problem, but now I do. Thanks again.

December 31, 2018

This is simple:
Its not available on the web portal, only on the mobile app.
Offline download never has been engineered for a web browser.

You would have to install an Android emulator software (KOPlayer, Bluestacks, NOX, Memu,...) on your Laptop/PC to use the Duolingo Android mobile app and its OFFLINE functionality therein.

In the more recent Android app versions a Plus button has been - according to the description - added so you download multiple lessons for the whole course instead of having to select a few (3-5) single unlocked (coloured) or locked (grey) skills.

However, I am not sure if it works for ALL L1-L5 lessons at once (probably only for the current skill crown level) and I also can not test this for lessons (crown session).


Also you should better not expect it to be fully working for the PRACTICE button, either the global one (spaced repetition to re-strengthen previous skills) or the L5 skill (highest crown level) Practice button.

My personal opinion:
OFFLINE mode once has been engineered for the cached 10 lesson mode for 1-2 unlocked (L0) you can use it temporarly on a bus/train/subway for some minutes; older version (V3.4x, V3.5x) never worked that reliable and I had seen situation on my Laptop where I was not allowed to start new lessons of those 10 and it forced me into going online again.
I think this has already improved on V3.72.2 and V3.80.2 and later.

Then staff has added some more Plus code and extended it even more on the Android platform.

IMHO (as a Java software developer and doing Duolingo since two years and following its improvements) it probably never was designed as a true 1000% STANDALONE feature to replace permantenly a) any regular sychronization to their online server or b) a good stable Internet connection for 8h hours (plane) or 7-21 days vacation in the Sahara or an island at the end of the world ;)

As you are a Plus member yourself, give it a try on KOPlayer & others.

December 30, 2018

Thank you very much @thomas.heiss for this extensive and thorough explanation. Based on this, I will most probably just download whatever is possible to download on my phone to use when I travel. I do not think it is worth the trouble of simulating android on the laptop, since, to tell you the truth, I generally prefer the laptop program to the mobile app. Thanks again.

December 31, 2018

Another very interesting thread about the login issue on IOS:

"Why have downloadable lessons for Plus if you can't use them offline?":

January 3, 2019
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