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Buying A Pizza with Lingots

How many Lingots would you want in exchange for a pizza?

I run a YouTube channel ((Esperanto Variety Show)) and I've decided it would be a fun idea for publicity to try to buy a pizza with lingots. The details are yet to be worked out, but I've decided to go public with the idea here before posting my first video about it.

The story about the first real purchase with bitcoin was that it was for two pizzas. I just want one. (As a side note, the bitcoin spent on those two pizzas is now worth $100,000 - but I don't expect my lingots to inflate to that much.)

I'm looking for feedback, suggestions, and even clever comments. The idea is that buying a pizza with lingots will be fun for those involved and make for good YouTube. My general idea would be to contact a few local pizza places in the hopes of finding one willing to keep my address on file, then I would start looking for someone willing to order a pizza for me in exchange for some lingots.

Edit: It has been brought to my attention that actually succeeding in buying a pizza with lingots may be a violation of the terms of service. It is not my intention to violate TOS. Any discussion to such an end is for entertainment, educational, and enrichment purposes only. And man, I still do want that pizza.

P.S. When I say "enrich", I mean in the same way that knowing a second language enriches our lives.

December 30, 2018



If you want to make Lingots worth real money (briefly), just start spreading the word that they are illegal to buy and sell.

"Psst., Mate, don't tell anybody - just between you and me - but I can get hold of those Lingot things for you...."

Human Nature 101


Awesome. I'll need to work that into my routine.

Here's a lingot. Don't tell anybody.


I think it is a great idea, but perhaps it might work better to choose a non-perishable food item? Something that could be sent in the mail? A book perhaps.


Well, if the buyer calls a pizza place near salivanto then it shouldn't be an issue. I guess time zones could be a bit of an issue, but I don't think a pizza place would have a problem delivering something at a specific time even if it meant waiting a few hours. It might require a reminder call from salivanto, but I'm sure he'd be willing to do that ;-) Hopefully that call doesn't need to be a long-distance call :O ...US-Americans, looks like the bell tolls for thee... or Canada or Mexico if you have the right phone plan lol.


MissSpells , my current duolingo Chinese lessons involve fruitcake. There’s a non-perishable food.


It'll come down to the details and timing, but I'm definitely interested in this.


Buying, selling, or eating?


I have 9666 lingots, and I want a pepperoni pizza!


Oh wow that's a ton!


I only have 1836, but I give people almost all of the lingots that I get. I don't receive very many from other users.

Edit: Thanks for the 3 lingots!


Have you posted this idea on Amikumu?


Just did. Thanks for the suggestion.


Not yet. This is my first post anywhere about it - but I did post the link to my YouTube community page.


I know in the past someone tried to sell their Duolingo account and Duolingo took action (banned or deleted) for it being a violation of the Terms of Service. So, just a heads up on that. I'd double check the ToS before proceeding. :)


Hi! I'm not trying to be like Mills-David at all, but I have a couple questions, completely out of curiosity, I don't mean to disrespect AT ALL--

Wouldn't this be a little different since it's lingots and you can give them away? Would that also be conflicting with the EULA laws? (It's the EULA, right?)


Unless that person was a Duolingo employee, I don't see anything wrong with selling their account. Also the proposed system would not involve selling accounts, it would just involve selling/exchanging lingots.


Thanks for the heads up, Usagiboy7

Edit: Well, there's this:

The transfer of Virtual Items is prohibited except where expressly authorized in the Service. Other than as expressly authorized in the Service, you shall not sell, redeem or otherwise transfer Virtual Items to any person or entity, including but not limited to Company, another user, or any third party.

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