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  5. "वह हमारी बहन है।"

"वह हमारी बहन है।"

Translation:She is our sister.

December 30, 2018



So how to pronounce correctly - "vaha" or " veha"?


In practice, वह has a non-standard pronunciation and is 'vo' [The letter ह frequently messes with phonetic pronunciation in Hindi but वह doesn't even follow the pattern of other such words]

However, some people pronounce it as 'vaha' (or less often 'vah') which is closer to the way it is written and this is what Duolingo seems to be following.


Hello, you know Hindi but you have followed 10 lessons. I ask myself if it is just to watch their lessons or to learn something ? Excuse me for my mistakes in English but I am french... I see you are learning French, if you need some explanations, maybe I could help you. Thank you for your Hindi explanations


I'm actually a native Hindi speaker. I tested out of the lessons when the course first came out to see how good it was. I don't get to speak a lot of Hindi these days since I live outside India so I like visiting the forum every now and then to help out.

Thanks a lot for the offer :)


Ok. I don't know very well how the "discussions" walk, to follow some of these or to echange with somebody in new discussion. What does "moderator" (indicate on your picture profil) mean ?


You can visit forum.duolingo.com and see the list of forums you are subscribed to on the right (or by clicking 'all topics' in the top left if you're on mobile). These include the 'Duolingo' forum where you talk about your language learning in general, share milestones etc, 'Troubleshooting' forum to report bugs and a forum for each language you're learning.

Each sentence on Duolingo has a discussion thread associated with it in that language's forum. This is available through the 'Discussion' button once you get the correct answer for that sentence (or the icon shaped like a message if you are on mobile). If you have questions about the sentence and its translation, you can ask the Duolingo community (other learners) here.

When you 'follow' a discussion (or comment in it), you will receive email updates about any new posts made in that discussion.

The moderator badge on my profile just means that I keep an eye out for spam or offensive comments in the Hindi forum.


Thank you very much for all your explanations about the forum. A last question, I can't reply directly on your answer because the word "reply" do not appear under... Do you know why ? (if that not anoying you to answer again....)


I think it's because only 6 comments can appear in a single thread (for better readability I'm guessing).

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