"Go there."

Translation:E hele i ʻō.

December 30, 2018



The o with okina and kahakou is gestural isnt it? Misguiding


Laila is used to refer to a place when the person you are addressing already knows what place you are talking about.

ʻŌ is used with a pointing gesture. ʻŌ is used in pointing out a place when the person you are talking to does not know what place you are referring to.


The person you are addressing can certainly know where "there" is. Maybe Paris, maybe the principal's office. Those wouldn't be "'ō." Clearer English would be "over there."


OK, now I really don't get the difference between "ma 'ō" and "i 'ō." Someone said "i 'ō" was marked wrong for "e komo i lako ma 'ō"?? With 'ō, is ma maybe into/towards the speaker and i is away? Or.....???

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