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  5. "roptaHvIS SoSwI' vIQorgh."

"roptaHvIS SoSwI' vIQorgh."

Translation:While my mother was sick, I took care of her.

December 30, 2018



"I take care of my mother while she is ill" was marked incorrect. Or is Klingonese always left-associative in such sentences?


In both English and Klingon the subordinate clauses (with the exception of -meH clauses) can go either before or after the main clause depending on how one wants them presented. Thus we ask that you keep the clauses in the same order when translating them.


I would point out that The Klingon Dictionary happily reverses the order of subordinate clauses whenever it likes.

For instance, it gives both SutlhtaHvIS chaH DIHIvpu' and DIHIvpu' SutlhtaHvIS chaH as translations of While they were negotiating, we attacked them, and never suggests We attacked them while they were negotiating, even though it would be a perfectly good translation.

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