"Mereka punya garam."

Translation:They have salt.

December 31, 2018

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I'm not sure about the way "punya" is being used in the lessons for the word "have". My understanding is that "punya" indicates ownership or possession.

Whilst the literal translation of "have" also indicates possession, the English phrases being used are not situations where this literal translation applies. Instead they seem to be situations where "have" has the more colloquial meaning of "use".

Thus, the expression "they have salt" would not normally be used to indicate that the people being spoken of own salt, but rather that they currently have the use of it.

Thus I think that the way "punya" and "have" are being directly correlated needs to be re-examined.


Couldn't this just be something like does the restaurant have salt? Yes they have salt.


Could this just be "i want to add salt to my food, does this restaurant have salt?" "Yes they have salt."


Mereka mempunyai garam.

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