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  5. "It is now twelve o'clock."

"It is now twelve o'clock."

Translation:Kani ka hola ʻumikūmamālua.

December 31, 2018



Numbers vs. Amounts (slide 3)

(Grammar Link): https://www.slideshare.net/malama777/helu?qid=e221adf5-445f-484b-afca-7755ae8488e5&v=&b=&from_search=14


[PE] 1 nviSound or noise of any kind; pitch in music; to sound, cry out, ring, peal, jingle, tinkle, toll, whir, resound, reverberate; roar, rumble, crow, resonance; to strike or tick, of a clock, to sing, as birds; voiced.

Cf. leokani. [PPN tangi]

ke kani ʻana o ka leo the sound or tone of the voice, intonation kani nā pele jingle bells kani ka pila play music kani ʻōkalakala screech Kani ka moa. The rooster crows. kani ā hiaʻā to grieve and moan so sorrowfully that one cannot sleep kani ā ʻuʻina flash of lighting followed immediately by a peal of thunder leo kani sweet or pleasant voice Mākaukau, kī, kani! Ready, aim, fire! kani ka papa waʻa the canoe floor sounds [a poetic expression applied to aged persons just before death, as the dead were sometimes laid in canoes which were placed in burial caves] ʻUmi minuke i koe, kani ka hola ʻewalu. Ten minutes before eight; Lit. ten minutes remaining strikes the hour eight. Ua pūhā kēia lāʻau, ke kani ʻia ala e ka manu. This tree is rotten, [it] is being made to sound by the bird [said of a tree not suitable for a canoe: see ʻelepaio 1].

link: https://manomano.io/definition/13712


I finally understand "kani"!!!


Kani ka hola ʻumikūmālua/ʻumikūmamālua? Is the distinction an older form between the two like you find in scriptural passages? Any chance the Hawaiian dictionary spelling found in wehewehe will match the same spelling used in Duolingo?

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