"Ich danke für die Blumen."

Translation:Thank you for the flowers.

April 5, 2013

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Can someone actually say this in German, omitting the "dir"/"Sie"?


I'm not a native speaker, but from what I've seen/read/heard on Duo it works. Just saying "Danke" can mean "Thank you". "Ich danke" = "I thank you". The you part is implied/understood.

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    Hohenems is right. Note that this sentence could also be understood as an idiom meaning "Thanks for nothing".


    Thanks for the idiomatic meaning, that's good to know!


    There is also some piece of culture related to the expression ;-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtX2OVhdmQ8


    I've actually started singing the melody in my head when I read the sentence :) Thx for the link!


    The Duo question translating it to English had no dir/Sie in it


    The word ich is not being translated? Shoul it not be "i thank you" or something?


    should i use accusative after für


    I think I've also heard "Danke für die Blumen" when it meant "Thank you for the compliment". Is this also a correct translation?


    How would one say "I am thankful for the flowers"?


    "Ich bin dankbar für die Blumen"


    I answered "I say thanks for the flowers". The program said it should be "I give thanks for the flowers", which isn't something an English speaker would say, at least not around here.


    On the contrary, I would say just the opposite... "I give thanks for the flowers" sounds much better. (Native speaker here.)


    Ich is not being translated. Should it no be "I thank". The other translating exercise when you go from English to german does not use ich but its the same translation


    The translation should accept "I say thank you for the flowers", not "I thank for the flowers", which is horrible English.


    that would be

    "Ich sage: Danke dir für die Blumen."


    Why put Ich if you don't say I in English.


    I thank you for the flowers


    Who is getting flowers because it's definitely not me.


    Btw this is a german saying.

    if someone compliments you or praises your work on a project and you think it's too much, you could introduce the answer with this phrase.

    "Danke für die Blumen, but in return I can't cook." or "[...], but Marc did well too."

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      how to say "I thank for flowers" (in general) then?


      "I thank for flowers" doesn't make any sense in English.

      If you mean you want to write a similar sentence to the German one but talk about flowers in general instead of specific ones, then just leave out "die": "Ich danke für Blumen." But that would be a rather odd sentence since thanking someone for all flowers is just not a normal thing to do.


      what is wrong with "I thank for the flowers"...is it not understood in English as well that the sentence refers to someone.


      In English you can't use "thank" without a direct object. "I thank for the flowers" doesn't make any sense.


      Turtle voice distinctly says "dank" not "danke". I don't know if it's these idiotic new cartoon voices or if it was always broken. Regardless, I'm reporting it.

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