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"These people will give me food."

Translation:ये लोग मुझे खाना देंगे।

December 31, 2018



What's wrong Duo? I have the EXACT sentence as above, you said it's incorrect but yet repeat my sentence word-for-word. Please tell me what's going on!


Did the same thing to me.


Yeah this is wrong I think


Still have problems with my answer being marked wrong when it actually exactly as above.


Next time it happens, can you paste your answer here? Don't type it again - copy it from the edit control and paste it. Sometimes, it's an issue where there's sensitivity to exactly how something was typed.


I tried this but it wont let me c & p.


I'm playing around and using मुझको wherever Duolingo would use मुझे. I keep getting called wrong.

I thought मुझे (mujhe) and मुझको (mujhko) were interchangeable. Am I wrong, or does Duolingo need to add more acceptable answer variations?


Mujhko is wrong hindi.......there is no such word as mujhko in hindi


Perhaps there is a regional dialect thing going on here?

Definition of mujhko: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/मुझको

Explanation of contractions, e.g. mujhko vs mujhe: https://taj.oasis.unc.edu/Hindi.Less.06/grammar02.html




You're right. मुझे and मुझको are interchangeable.


This is still a problem. I have the exact sentence as the answer and it is marked wrong. And its been a year since first reported


If you run into it again, copy what you typed and paste it here.

Sometimes, it's an encoding issue where the text visually looks the same but isn't represented by the same characters.

And when that's the case, often one of the software engineers among us can figure out what's going on.

I've had no problems with this question, except when I was messing around with potential alternate answers.

FYI, I'm on a US English Windows 10 system and I've installed Microsoft's Hindi language support on it. Nowadays, I don't use the word bank anymore - I only type. When posting issues like yours, it sometimes helps to note your platform and workflow.


Its the same thing


I again was marked wrong when I wrote correctly.I am not typing but using the words provided for selection. i tried to copy my answer but the my answer now is grayed out. I am working on a Mac, version 10.14.3



I should note up front, I'm not a moderator or developer. I'm just another user like you. I'll do my best to help. But there's only so much I can do.

If you're not typing, that rules out the sort of encoding issues I was talking about.

All I can suggest at this point is to capture a screen shot and post it. How you'd capture it on a Mac, I don't know. As for how to post it, I've seen other people upload the screen shot to imgur.com and post a link here.

Thanks for mentioning your workflow and the fact that you're on a Mac. That points out two things different from what I do, one of which most likely explains why I don't see the problem. Next time I run into this question, I'll try to remember to do it with the word bank and see if I see the same problem.

edit and don't forget to report the question as "my answer should be accepted".


I also use the word bank an answer with the exact wording marked wrong as well. I am working on Windows 10.


The common denominator here seems to be the word bank. I type and have no problems. One Mac user and one Windows user have the same problem using the word bank.

When DavidSHoel posted his 3-June reply, I practiced with the Future skill for about 20 minutes. Unfortunately, you can't force it to bring up any particular question, and this one never came up. I'll try some more today. If it finally comes up, I'll use the word bank and see what happens.


Thanks for trying to solve this issue.


Happy to do it. The Hindi course was community-created, and (ATM) I'm a "free-to-play" user. The least I can do is to try to help the community once in a while. :-)


I finally got the question again, and using the word bank, I was credited with a correct answer. Here's what it looked like before I clicked the "CHECK" button: https://i.imgur.com/04Sxqrt.png

I know that I tend to get certain things wrong more often than others. My particular weaknesses are:

  • mixing up ये and वे
  • mixing up तुझे and मुझे
  • not seeing the difference between े and ो which can lead to me mixing up things like देंगे and दोगे. (I have old eyes. :-)

And this time, I initially picked लेगा (will take) instead of लोग (people), but caught this myself since the word is spoken aloud when you pick it.

Beyond that, I don't know what to say. :-) Sorry I wasn't more help. The number of people complaining about this question suggests that there is a real problem. But possibly the problem here is that Duolingo sometimes makes an unusually sneaky wrong answer available.


It is so nice to see that other people besides me mix up many of the same things. I agree that perhaps this is a particularly sneaky wrong answer, although I tend to check carefully for the why of my mistakes.


I have typed the correct answer what's this duolingo


Duolingo,I had typed correctly but you said it's wrong. How?


Did the same to me ad well


Hi, The answer I had given was exactly same as the correct answer given after marking my answer as wrong. To understand the issue better, I could send the screenshot wherein both the information were available.


My answer is same as Duolingo


Was your answer marked correct or incorrect?

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