"टमाटर लाल है।"

Translation:The tomato is red.

December 31, 2018

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Is "the tomatoes are red" wrong for this question


Yes. For the plural form, you need to use हैं instead of है.


Thanks didn't know that


Yes, cause it is said in singular form in hindi


Can 'Tamatar laal hothi hai' be used instead?


Yes, if you're making a general statement about tomatoes. But since टमाटर is masculine you need to use होता not होती.




'A tomato is red' was marked wrong, even though it is also correct.


Because if we only say टमाटर we mostly mean tomatoes in general


Sorry! This is no way related to the above one as I dont know the appropriate place where to post it. Anyway my doubt is regarding the letter कै () For Hindi words, the कै, (ऐ) is pronounced as 'kai' always as in 'कैसे', etc. But for English loanwords like cancer, the vowel ऐ behaves differently like cancer as कैंसर as kyaanser not as kynsar or kainsar , bank as बैंक as byaank not as bynk or baink , etc.. Why is it so???


Are you sure you are pronouncing कैसे correctly, especially since I see from your bio that you speak other Indian languages?

The pronunciation of ऐ in classical Sanskrit is like the vowel in 'kite'. ஐ in Tamil and ఐ in Kannada/Telugu are pronounced somewhat similarly. However, the vowel has shifted in Hindi.

There is some regional variation in the pronunciation of ऐ (and औ) in Hindi and the above pronunciation (and of औ like in 'house') is mostly limited to Dravidian language native speakers (and probably Marathi speakers though I'm not sure about that).

The standard pronunciation of ऐ in Hindi is the same as that of the vowel in the English pronunciation of 'bank' and is denoted as æ in IPA. Many people also pronounce it like the vowel in 'pen' (this vowel is traditionally written as ऍ in Devanagari but is conflated with ऐ in Hindi) which is denoted by ɛ in IPA.


Oh my god!
I used to pronounce कै (ऐ) as the vowel in 'kite' (similar to ఐ). Never I thought कैसे would be pronounced as k(yaa)se as in bank or k(e)se as in pen.

One more if कैसे is pronounced as kes(ay) then could you please give a clue on how the vowel ए is pronounced?

I thought ए is pronounced as ay in late, may.


'Late' and 'may' are pronounced in two ways in English depending on the accent- either with a single long vowel or with a diphthong. The long vowel is the same as ए.

Anyway, since you know Telugu, it is pronounced exactly the same as 'ఏ'. The shorter form of the vowel (ఎ in Telugu) does not exist in Hindi but is written as ऎ in Devanagari.


Hello Vinay92 ! Thanks for taking your time for the clarifications and btw can you please my query below. So, in standard Hindi, the ऐ is sometimes pronounced as æ or ɛ. And btw if it's pronounced as ɛ then basically it's the shorter form of ए (that is ऎ) as in k(e)s(ay) where (e) is basically ऎ, am I right?


ऎ has the exact same vowel sound as ए (written as e in IPA) but is shorter. ɛ is a sound midway between e and æ.

You can see the difference between e and ɛ in this video- https://youtu.be/PiFqQhKFmE4?t=25


Why is it "The tomato is red" and not "tomato is red"


'The tomato is red' sounds more grammatically correct, that's probably why


Any Indian's ? And orange's Are not red they're orange


oh yeah ! I thought tomatoes were Blue LoL


Yes. The tomato is red.


The tomato is red

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