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New Year's Resolution: It's time for more Tips and Notes!

As you probably know, the course creators have only created Tips and Notes (T&N) until the first checkpoint, i.e. the "Adjectives 1" skill. For a long time, writing new ones was planned, but no one actually started doing it. But now, with a new year starting in a few hours, it's finally time to change it:

New T&N will be coming regularly (hopefully) until the whole tree is finally covered (unless some vocabulary skills simply won't need them). There's no schedule, I just hope to write T&N for 2-3 skills per week. That of course depends on the amount of free time and the complexness of the given topic. I know, because to prove that I mean it, I already did write something new and it took a lot longer than I expected, because there was really a lot to explain and it was really hard to do it all at once, especially in tables.

As of this moment, the T&N I wrote on 31.12 aren't probably implemented yet, that needs some time, my guess is that it will migrate sooner to the web version but I'm really not sure. I saw yesterday's changes on web today (31.12).

Well, enough talking, let's see what has already been done:

30.12.2018: Checked all the existing T&N (up to "Adjectives 1") and added whatever I considered important enough to add.

31.12.2018: Added T&N for "Plurals" (that was a lot of work, I kinda understand why no one has done it before), "Clothing" (that had some note from me already, but it wasn't exactly T&N) and "Present 1".

I will update the list when something new gets written. I hope you enjoy my explanations and forgive me for my chatty, non-scientific style (quote from my thesis supervisor) ;)

If you have any comments about some of the existing T&N, please write them here.

And let me take this occasion and say: Szczęśliwego nowego roku! Happy New Year! :)

Moving the rest of the Updates section here:

02.01.2019: Added info on "to" as a dummy pronoun to T&N for "Demonstr."; added T&N to "Negations" (this in fact covers a large portion of Genitive in general, seems like there won't be a better place to put that knowledge).

04.01.2019: Added T&N for "Possession" (tables mostly), including info on "swój", which isn't taught there yet but it is very important.

09.01.2019: Added T&N for "Pronouns 1" (again, tables mostly).

16.01.2019: Added T&N for "Present 2", which in fact is an introduction to Verbs of Motion. Added T&N for "Family", which means that we have twice as many skills with T&N as when I started and everything up to the second checkpoint is ready :)

20.01.2019: Added T&N for "Colors" (frankly, that's just a few sentences, not much to write about).

23.01.2019: Added T&N for "Questions", which are not as easy as you may hope them to be ;) Also added T&N for "Present 3", as there wasn't really much to discuss there.

27.02.2019: After a long period of being very busy, I finally managed to write T&N for "Time", as well as "Household".

03.03.2019: You may now find out which preposition takes which case in the T&N for "Prep."

19.07.2019: For the first time in forever... T&N are ready for "Occupation". Hopefully it's the beginning of more regular updates.

30.07.2019: It's finally time for "Formal You", one of the most important (but not really well-covered) topics in the tree.

31.07.2019: "Colors" have been updated with info on adjectives in the Genitive case. "Adjectives 2" also have T&N now.

08.08.2019: You can read about some more problematic vocabulary in "People".

09.08.2019: T&N for "Conjunctions" are ready.

13.08.2019: Finishing T&N for "Adverbs" means that we have three first checkpoints done :)

27.09.2019: T&N for "Places" are done.

25.10.2019: Gaze upon numerous tables (and some explanations as well) in the T&N for "Determiners"!

23.04.2020: Yeah, clearly there's not much time for updates... but the T&N for "Household" have been updated with the tips on how to ask for the color of something.

December 31, 2018



Never change the "chatty, non-scientific style", Jellei - Happy New Year!


I'm sure your effort will be useful! Thanks for being such an important member of our Polish learning community! Szczęśliwego nowego roku!


Thanks so much for taking the time to do this; I am finding the language too difficult to learn by "trial and error" and really appreciate specific help!


Thank you so much for all the time you devote to the Polish course!


Last year and this year, I am thankful for Marek Jellei! Many thanks for all your help, time, work, skills, care, and patience. Great job! =)


*Oh, I forgot to add one other thing that makes you a great teacher: your humor! Thanks for that, too.


Thank you for all those new ones!


Dzięki twojej pracy możemy uczyć się polskiego lepiej i łatwiej! Dziękuję bardzo! Szczęśliwego nowego roku! Edit: I just had a look at the Plurals section, and this is very, very helpful. Will dopełniacz, celownik, miejscownik and wołacz (genitive, dative, lokative and vocative) also be covered in the future? To byłoby wspaniałe, mam nadzieje że nie jestesz samotny w tej pracy :)


Wołacz nie jest nauczany w tym kursie, niestety - pozostałe przypadki będą miały T&N :)

Vocative isn't taught in this course, unfortunately - the other cases will have T&N :)


Dziękuję znowu, Jellei! Well, if (!) I get this correctly, wołacz/vocative is something mostly spoken, so I will use the great Youtube-series of Studio Filmowe TOR (they have remastered and equipped with English subtitles a LOT of classic Polish films, it is absolutely amazing for learners) to hear more of it.


With first names, most (?) people usually use the Nominative version instead, so what's to learn is forms like "tato", "mamo", "babciu", "dziadku", etc.


Ah, rozumiem! :D I też np. "panie doktorze", no? I twoje imię, byłoby "Marku"?


Great!! Happy new year!!


Szczęśliwego nowego roku i bardzo dziękuemy! Twoje wysiłki są doceniane


Thank you so much for doing this! And hope you have a great 2019!


Great new year's resolution! The current lightbulb tips and notes have been so helpful! I look very much forward to more of them :D


Bardzo dziękuję!


Thank you so much! Polish is such a complex language that every bit of help is welcome.


Как вы, вероятно, знаете, создатели курса создавали Советы и Заметки (T & N) только до первой контрольной точки, то есть навык «Прилагательные 1». Долгое время планировалось писать новые, но на самом деле никто не стал этим заниматься. Но теперь, когда новый год начинается через несколько часов, пришло время его изменить:

Новые T & N будут появляться регулярно (надеюсь) до тех пор, пока все дерево не будет окончательно покрыто (если только некоторые словарные навыки просто не понадобятся). Там нет расписания, я просто надеюсь написать T & N для 2-3 навыков в неделю. Это, конечно, зависит от количества свободного времени и сложности данной темы. Я знаю, потому что, чтобы доказать, что я это имею в виду, я уже написал что-то новое, и это заняло намного больше времени, чем я ожидал, потому что было действительно много чего объяснить, и было действительно трудно сделать все это сразу, особенно в таблицах ,

На данный момент T & N, который я написал 31.12, вероятно, еще не реализован, что требует некоторого времени, я предполагаю, что он быстрее перейдет на веб-версию, но я действительно не уверен. Я видел вчерашние изменения в сети сегодня (31.12).

Ну что ж, хватит разговоров, посмотрим, что уже сделано

30.12.2018: проверил все существующие T & N (до «Прилагательных 1») и добавил все, что я счел достаточно важным, чтобы добавить.

31.12.2018: добавлены T & N для «Plurals» (это была большая работа, я вроде понимаю, почему никто не делал этого раньше), «Одежда» (которая уже имела некоторые примечания от меня, но это не совсем T & N) и «Подарок 1».

Я буду обновлять список, когда что-то новое будет написано. Я надеюсь, что вам понравятся мои объяснения и вы простите меня за мой болтливый, ненаучный стиль (цитата моего научного руководителя);)

Если у вас есть какие-либо комментарии о некоторых из существующих T & N, пожалуйста, напишите их здесь.

И позвольте мне воспользоваться этим случаем и сказать: Szczęśliwego nowego roku! С новым годом! :)

Перемещение остальной части раздела обновлений здесь:

02.01.2019: добавлена ​​информация о «to» в качестве фиктивного местоимения T & N для «Demonstr.»; добавили T & N к «Отрицаниям» (это на самом деле охватывает большую часть родительного падежа в целом, кажется, что не будет лучшего места, чтобы поместить это знание).

04.01.2019: добавлен T & N для «Possession» (в основном таблицы), включая информацию о «swój», которая там еще не изучена, но это очень важно.

09.01.2019: добавлено T & N для «Местоимений 1» (опять же, в основном таблицы)


Уау! Я не думал, что когда-нибудь кто-то будет переводить мои слова :D Спасибо!)


Да не зачто


Dzięnkuję bardzo, Jellei! To "must be hard" i my szanujemy cię za to. English - we really do appreciate everything you're doing for this course! The T&N will help so so much with our learning. Thank you again!


Thank you for your dedication. But how to I access those T&N?


You just click on the specific skill on the Tree and press the lightbulb button. Which is for sure present in the web version, but in the app... for me (Android), it seems to come and go with every update. Some weird A/B testing, I guess. It drives me crazy.


Thank you! I've never noticed that.


Happy New Year ;)


Szczęśliwego nowego roku! To every body here both teachers and learners. I hope and wish for all of us (7billion pluss) a peacefull year.


I just had a quick look at what you posted for plurals - this is a huge help, thank you so much.


Excellent news! Many thanks for your efforts!


Cześć Jellei i Szczęśliwego nowego roku i Dziękujemy bardzo za this great effort of yours. I suggest you just add Polish words to Noun, Pronoun, the name of cases and so on in the T&N. We are learning Polish although and it would be nice to learn them at the same time. Thanx in advance :)


Well, I personally think that only a small part of learners is interested in such vocabulary, and anyway, most of the time I had to cut something out of the T&N because the text exceeded the limit of characters ;)

But I decided to quickly write down some such vocabulary and put it in a new post, which you can find here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/30368297 - I hope it's useful :)


bookmarks instantly


Thank you for your investment, I would like to start learning this beautiful language


It's so awesome to see this post regularly updated! I'm excited to go back and consult some stuff from earlier on in the tree now that I will have notes to fall back on :) Thank you so much!


Thanks for your efforts, Jellei. And is there any news about Polish Tree 2.0?


Thank you so much for doing this, you are taking my Polish to a whole new level!


Thanks for everything in this year and I think that new year will be better for of all ussssssssss. Next Year we will have to take a new challenge with Duolingo maybe learn a new language ???????????I think about revise my German but i have fearrrrrrrr many years i do not use him in my life i remember only stupid words for example schnell, die kurve. Please do not abuse water tonightttttttt

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Dzieki bardzo Jellei for all your help to us learning Polish. You're a legend! Szczesliwego nowego roku!


Happy New Year & dzięki. To będzię bardzo przydatne


The correct word is not "complexness", but "complexity". Thank you for all your effort.


"I hope you enjoy my explanations and forgive me for my chatty, non-scientific style" You mean duolingo wasn't made with Harvard graduates and the British royalty in mind?!


Just reached "possession" and "pronouns 1" today, tip were added in the nick of time. Thanks. (hope you get to "present 2" and "family" in time for tommorrow, though :))


Szczęśliwego nowego roku i Dzięki za this great work of yours. I suggest you just add Polish words to Noun, Pronoun, the name of cases and so on. We are learning Polish, although and it would be nice to learn them at the same time. Thanx in advance :)


What a genious idea!


Man..just thank you. You gave me a reason to restart learning and practicing Polish and understand (and already understood) grammar I had failed to understand before. I do appreciate your help and keep up the good work! I am eager to redo the whole tree with your help. Thank you again!


I sent a translation for everyone


Thank you very much :D


jesteście moimi bohaterami


Bardzo dziękuję! Super :-)


I really envy those who start the Polish course now because they don´t have to be worried for almost enough grammatical knowledge until the third checkpoints. Have a nice learning guys and thank wonderful Jellei and his team.


I have only just discovered your wonderful Tips and Notes, and I am thrilled, I understand so much more now. You are a total superhero, please keep up the good work. you are so good at explaining things and making it interesting x


After studying Polish through the Duolingo app for 6 months, this was the first time I was on a desktop version, where I found the Tips & Notes. Thank you so much for the effort! So helpful! I studied Russian in the past, so a lot of grammar was familiar. However, there were a few things where I got very confused. And now that has all been cleared up! (Specifically the plural accusative differs from Russian.) I also won't flag my anwer as 'should have been accepted' anymore when I write Wy for a singular you, and think I'm just being polite!

Well done! And I'm looking forward to the next Tips & Notes!


And the informal style should definitely stay!


Jellei, thank you for all your help with learning Polish. I have decided to go through the tree one more time and, as it's rare for me to use my computer, I have only just discovered the notes you have created! This is good revision for me. Maybe the grammar will stick this time! Thank you again so much.


Thanks for the hard work.

I’d really like to see tables for Locative and Dative endings appearing soon if possible.



Will there be tips for the sections like numbers and the following?


The plan is to do it for them all, yes.


Just got up to the determiners lesson, got past it, and realised no more tips. Very sad. Thanks for all the effort so far though!

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