All icons or all levels of icon 1

Are you supposed to go down through all the icons in level 1 then back up to the top, or go through all levels of 1 icon at a time?

What are most people doing?

Also, I have switched to computer mode, which gives a "use keyboard" feature so I'm having to type more in and not just build a sentence which is able to be done with guessing.

2 weeks ago

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The "layer cake" approach:
1) Do a row at level 1
2) Do the next row at level 1, do the row before up to level 2
3) Do the next row at level 1, do the row before up to level 2, the row before that up to level 3... etc, etc, you get the idea

The "coat of paint" approach:
1) do everything at level 1
2) do everything at level 2
3) do everything at level 3... etc

the "OCD" (aka thomas_wesley) approach:
1) do each skill up to level 5 and make flashcards (anki) of anything new or anything answered incorrectly (assuming it doesn't already have a flashcard)

Most people are probably doing one of the first two methods, but there are a few silly learners like me doing that.

2 weeks ago

I did all levels of one icon up to level 5 at a time and used this course on Memrise alongside it to help memorize the vocabulary:

I finished the entire course in about 7 months. I probably could have done it in less, but, the grammar lessons get boring to plow through so I took a break at one point, doing only practice for about a month. Theoretically, you could finish in 3 months if you completed a skill every day. I would advise against it though especially early on when you are learning essential grammar lessons. The repetition is helpful. I also used that as an opportunity to learn to type quite proficiently in Hebrew.

TIP: You can always "test out" (click the key symbol) of a level if you feel confident in your skills. Definitely handy for those 40 lesson level 5 skills.

If you don't want to go this insane route you can do one level of each icon at a time. Just make sure you use practice mode too so that you don't forget what you just learned as you move forward.

2 weeks ago

I don't know about you, but I don't like to do the same lessons over and over again. I would advise against doing all lessons to level 1, because it is easy to forget the vocabulary (unless you use flashcards). I did that sort of thing myself and now am stuck redoing previous lessons. I am trying for level 3 on all my skills before learning new ones, turning only easy ones gold, and those by testing out. That said, sometimes it can actually help to go ahead and do lessons, as when you go back and practice older lessons it is possible that it is easier (but not always because of the vocabulary). Clearly compared to the first 2 replies, I have the "laid-back" approach... I have been at this most of 2 years, and about 2/3 of the way through the tree, with a lot of forgotten vocabulary because I spent so long neglecting earlier vocabulary. Just do what fits you :)

2 weeks ago

Great question. I have gotten really bogged down in this new alefbet and reading "backwards" according to my English training.

I am working slowly through a skill and then going and finding corresponding resources. Eventually, I plan to have 3 - 5 "spinning tops". I will get a couple through level four and come back to those every day one to two rounds at a time (so about a week on a skill), then the next skill at level 3 moving quickly to level 4, then two more skills in the prep level 1 or on level one. I personally like the review so I have to retain the information, but can't take moving through levels 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 all in one day. We'll see! Right now I am working on my Alef Bet so I can actually see the differences that I am hearing. Have you found some favorite resources? Here are mine! (encapsulates that 40 minute video) (Sesame Street comes through!)

I keep coming across this one

and if you want details on each letter!!

2 weeks ago
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