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Strengthen skills questions not relevant to category

Hello there,

Today I pressed the 'Strengthen Skills' button from the Home page. The test contained around 8 questions of which many the same, for example:

  • Translate: Fish live in water
  • Translate: I pesci vivono nell'acqua
  • Select all right answers: I pesci vivono nell'acqua

In my opinion there were a lot of questions with animals in them. My animals’ skill wasn't fully mastered at that moment, so I thought I would have strengthened that particular area... According to the software I strengthened flirting... seems like a bug to me?

Regards, Mako

May 16, 2014



Sometime this happen is you lose or have a poor internet connection.

This may have been an issue on DL's side. Another similar discussion posted around the same time https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3018931


I only get questions from the flirting bonus skill. It started yesterday. I've done three Strenghten Skills sessions since then and all were from Flirting.


This is happening to me two days in a row now. I've done six Strengthen Skills exercises, and they've all been exclusively from the bonus skills.


Haven't had any problems in the past few days. It's quite odd that some of you are experiencing this issue in a more severe form. Hope the Duolingo team finds a solution soon!

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