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  5. "E mālama kālā kākou."

"E mālama kālā kākou."

Translation:Let's all save money.

December 31, 2018



"Let's save money" considered correct as of 10 February 2019. And yeah, they really need to add the "my answer should be considered correct." option to the report flag on the next update because the contributors who can make changes to the answers are not alerted when we make comments in the discussion area.

Just as an FYI, the AI that runs these programs is only as good as the data entered into it. So if it is only given one correct answer - that's all it recognizes. In general, the AI only underlines the area where it encounters something different than it's programming - and only the first "mistake"... so... the code is really more what you call guidelines than actual rules.


I chose tiles for Let 's save money. They said typo: Let us save money. .....except there was no tile for "us" . And of course "let's" means "let us" .....so should this be a Report? Dunno. No matter, really.


"You have a typo. Let's all save money." I left out the "all," but only the "s," which I had, is underlined. This sort of thing should probably go in Report rather than Discussion, but the lasst time I looked at Report it didn't seem that flexible.


'Let's save money" acceded 10/3/20


(Hawaiian Television) ʻĀina ʻŌiwi – Pūkana 1

At time segment [7:52]: (Wā Moʻolelo | Story Time, there are simple sentences written in Hawaiian. And at time segment [13:37] Ka Mele | The Music), the words to the music are written out in Hawaiian. It could be a fun exercise to translate from Hawaiian to English.

(Link) https://oiwi.tv/apl/aina-oiwi-episode-1/


From my perspective, Duolingo is not consistent with Hawaiian pronouns relative to English. There has to be some "give" because English and Hawaiian pronouns are very different. I wonder if they are capable.

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