Happy New Year! Traditional Russian New Year Night concert online

For many years we celebrate New Year with the TV concert "Голубой огонёк". It's all in Russian and without subtitles, but you still might like to see how we celebrate it and what kind of music we are listening.

It's now live: . If you are late, I think it will be still available there later (recorded).

Всего хорошего :0)), best wishes :0)), beste wensen!

December 31, 2018


Thank you very much, I wish you Happy New Year 2019 too!

Best wishes! (:D

P.S. "Голубой огонёк", btw, is on Russia-1 (Россия-1), link: You're welcome! :)

December 31, 2018

Thanks :0)), it is actually on many channels, for instance have Russian rock as a theme.

Welcome :) But in different channels, there are different types of music: on Perviy - "Новогодняя ночь", on Russia-1 - "Голубой огонёк", on NTV - "Радио РОКС" or something else, I don't know :s

What is going now on Belorussian channels (I'm Belorussian), I don't know, I am watching "Огонёк" with my Mum and sit by PC :)

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