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  5. "Watermelon and corn"

"Watermelon and corn"

Translation:Chʼééhjiyáán dóó naadą́ą́

January 1, 2019



What keyboard do I need to get all the correct accents?


In google keyboard go to comma key, hold for options, add Lakota language, to select language holding space bar key, this also allows you to revert back to standard English keyboard.


They have a specific "Navajo" language option, now, too.


I put "Chʼééhjiyáán dóó naadą́ą́" and yet it continuously counts it wrong.


I put it exactly the way the answer is (with all the correct accent marks etc.) and it accepts it but says there's a typo


So did I. I had the same problem with the ą, it just won't accept it so i tried your trick and it worked as "typo" too


Again. I wonder if it only happens to us, so bug with the phone/app. Cuz others managed to get past this level and gain more points.


Hello... i had the problem mentioned above i solved it with an apostophre at the end naadaa' like so and it worked


My ą only come out like this i cant put the top accent. And if i do i cabt put the bottom one. What do i do?


I am havong the same issues mentioned above.


Im typing it exactly as shown but it keeps counties it as incorrect! 1/4/2020


This is rediculous because I cannot add the accents to the words for Navajo. It will not let me move on. This language was never written down and was not meant to be written down. I only want to learn how to read it and speak it.


I was able to get it to accept by typing...Ch'ééhjiyáán dóó naadą'ą'

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