"He pola nui uliuli kēia."

Translation:This is a large blue bowl.

January 1, 2019

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Canʻt win. Sometimes uliuli is translated as just blue. Other times itʻs dark green or dark blue, or plain dark. Kinda frustrating but since Iʻm not actually getting a grade Iʻm not gonna sweat it.


I think you've caught onto something here. Hawaiian colour theory is a lot more complex than what can be learned on Duolingo.


How about "This is a dark/blue big bowl."?


Wait a minute: the position of nui is confusing when compared to the sentence "He kī'aha kope nui kēlā", which is translated by DL as "That is a large cup of coffee." I wrote "He kī'aha nui kope kēlā" and was dinged for it. So then, in the above sentence, would "He pola uliuli nui kēia", with nui coming last, work just as well, or not?

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