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  5. "He pola nui uliuli kēia."

"He pola nui uliuli kēia."

Translation:This is a large blue bowl.

January 1, 2019



Canʻt win. Sometimes uliuli is translated as just blue. Other times itʻs dark green or dark blue, or plain dark. Kinda frustrating but since Iʻm not actually getting a grade Iʻm not gonna sweat it.


How about "This is a dark/blue big bowl."?


blue/dark/dark green hmh? this is a large dark green bowl, this is a large dark bowl, this is a large blue bowl. What makes it a blue bowl?


I stumbled over this kids song for learning the colors and they use "polū" for "blue". Are "uliuli" and "polū" interchangeable or do you use one for discribing certain things over the other? Mahalo

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