"ʻEhia kālā no nā lako mahiʻai?"

Translation:How much money for the farm gear?

January 1, 2019

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How much does the farm equipment cost should also be correct


Mahalo for that suggestion! I will add it in.


I just used "how much does it cost for the farm equipment" and it was marked wrong. (I understand that "'ehia" is how much and "kala" is money, but "how much money for" doesn't sound right and means the same thing? I wanted to get the "for" ("no") in there!)


Aloha e Karin! I agree that the meaning is basically the same. I will add in variations like "How much does it cost for the farm equipment?" and "How much is it for the farm equipment?"


So between now and then and now I forgot my answer :) and this time I put how much for the farm gear. I think that should be accepted too! How much means how much money, implicitly.


I thought "How much for the farm gear" was already being accepted, but it was not. Mahalo for bringing it to my attention, Karin. It should be accepted once the Duolingo system has had time to refresh.


Because of "nā", "farm gear" should be pluralized.

[deactivated user]

    It is. Gear is one of those words that can be either singular or plural when used to mean supplies. Gear wheels, on the other hand, take the s if there are more than one.


    gear in this context is a collective noun and would not be plural with an s.


    At first i thought it meant "how much money for the farmer's gear ? Is this correct for ⬆️ " 'Ehia kālā no nā lako O mahi'ai ?"


    you would need another ka - 'Ehia kālā no nā lako o ka mahi'ai ? How much money for the gear of the farmer?

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