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LATIN (for English) in the Incubator!


Happy New Year to All and to All a Great Next Year!!!

January 1, 2019



It is good to have Latin here since it is the originator of the alphabet we use. I hope for more new courses this year.


There is space for it in the incubators but no one to implement the course yet.


Mihi placet!

I hope they will use classical rather than ecclestical pronunciation.


As someone who uses Latin in my professional work, I have to say I hope that the ecclesiastical pronunciation is used. For students of philosophy and theology, Catholic or no, it makes the most sense and is more widely used... and sung! My apologies to classicists.


As someone with a background in linguistics I have to say that using the ecclesiastical pronunciation would be the worst thing. :P
If you know the classical pronunciation you can immediately construct the ecclesiastical pronunciation. If you only know the ecclesiastical pronunciation you'll have to learn the whole language again if you want the other one.


I'm just stunned and amazed after all the whining for Latin that there are now people bickering about pronunciation. I learned it in college and assume that was Classical, but I'm just glad we are getting Latin so I can try to relearn what I learned back in college.


Classical pronunciation is so ugly... I strongly encourage ecclesiastical pronunciation (and I'm not Catholic).


Then that isn’t real Latin!


Ecclesiastical pronunciation is too much like modern Italian. It is a transitional form which is not real Latin. Classical pronunciation is the original and the best.


Ecclesiastical pronunciation is more natural than classical one. Besides that, Latin from priests is older, Classical pronunciation is just a restoration attempt. I speak a romance language and I don't believe Latin is according to academic studies as regards to phonology.

I'm not catholic.


"I don't believe it" Cite what exactly you disagree with. I'm fairly sure [k] for ce and ci for example was indeed a given.

[deactivated user]

    That is awesome.


    That's a nice new year present :)


    This is the best news on Duolingo of the year so far.
    I hope it gets released this year along with Arabic.


    I'm more excited about Latin than I have been about any of the courses that have been added recently. Latin is the basis for the romance languages. I took it in college, but my Latin is seriously rusty to the point that I can barely follow Mass when I attend an Renaissance Fair. I'm looking forward to Latin.


    So awesome! Always wanted to learn Latin but sadly haven't seen it here yet... hope it'll change soon!


    I think that ecclesiastical and classic pronunciations should be able to listen to both pronunciations for each word


    Yes, I agree. I personally want to learn classic, but I don't think it should be at the expense of one another. Maybe there should be lessons and descriptions still teaching the differences, but the main course should be switchable between pronunciations to please both sides.


    The thing is: Classical pronunciation wouldn't be at the expense of the other because you can easily construct the ecclesiastical pronunciation. If you only know the ecclesiastical pronunciation, though, you'd have to learn every word again if you want to learn the classical pronunciation.

    And Duolingo have never given us these kinds of options.


    Why you have to learn every word again in the eccles. -> class. direction, and not in the other one?


    I see quite a divergence of opinion regarding academic vs church Latin. I see and hear far more of the classic/academic latin and would prefer to learn that. I acknowledge that others have a different experience though. Since it’s only the spoken part that differs, would it be possible to have the option Duolingo?


    Has Duolingo ever offered such an option?


    I swear I'd give all my lingots to those wonderful souls contributing to the Latin course, in case it might be some sort of way to "repay" them for the work they're putting in to this. I'm very excited!


    Yay!!! I hope it's a good tree and not lazily put together. Some of our other surprises haven't been too great :P


    Looking forward to Latin! Also, I'm putting my vote in for a Church Latin option.

    Edit: Could we have Church Latin lessons available for purchase with Lingots?


    Are you talking about a Roman Catholic, Traditional Latin Mass? Good idea! I'm Catholic and would be very interested in that.


    How is the flag going to be?


    Or Roman red with gold SPQR.


    I'd say red with a gold eagle would work best with the Duolingo interface


    may I suggest a red background with a golden eagle (extended wings) surrounded by a laurel crown and (maybe) also the S.P.Q.R. motto? Thank you (gratias tibi ago) for reading


    Is Ecclesiastical Latin the only version that is spoken atm? I wonder is this course that type? I am not sure and was just wondering.


    I can hardly wait! I have been looking for a Latin course and love Duolingo.


    I haven't been on Duolingo for a while and just found out that Latin is finally in the incubator. Awesome! That's really good news. I can't wait to sign up for this course and I hope it will be launched in September as anounced.


    ❤️❤️❤️ I learned Latin in high school but have long forgotten it. Been hoping for a Latin course on Duo. Yay!


    There are a bunch of retired Roman Catholic priests who would probably help, not to mention the non-retired ones in groups like the FSSP. Don't know how many of them know Latin beyond the Mass though...


    YAY! I have have waiting for Latin, but decided to a Spanish. So excited!


    Latin would be cool.... Asterix and Obelix cartoons in Latin !


    Hopefully there'll be a Classical option, since I doubt the course is being made in Classical pronunciation. If I'm going to learn Latin, it's going to be as a student of history. It's a way of bringing this distant and long-gone group of people closer, to make them more tangible. I understand most people don't feel the same way and Ecclesiastical is more useful generally. But I want to be able to read Virgil the way people of his time would have, and to hear the extinct voices of a bygone era.


    I'm just so happy this is finally happening at all. The pronunciation debates are what prevented Latin from being added to the incubator for years.


    We read Virgil (and Caesar) in my high school Latin class (back in the 80s), and I really enjoyed it. Classical was what we learned, as it was true Latin; I never recalled anyone ever even discussing Ecclesiastical pronunciation at the time.


    How can one beta test this?


    They will announce such an opportunity if it exists.


    Wish we could get an update.


    Was very happy to see that Latin is now in the incubator. Personally I don't care whether the pronunciation is Classical or Ecclesiastical. As long as I can read it and gain a deep understanding of Latin root-words then I will be satisfied. I just hope that I don't get it mixed up with Spanish as I am learning it as well.


    I can't wait!!! :)

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